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Our Services

Nordic experts with a global approach

Our Services



WinGo will assist you with everything from enhancing your general visibility and growth to marketing and sales, revenue management, conversion and optimization in general. There are no fixed term agreements and we guarantee results.


By letting WinGo represent you in the Nordic Region you will have many new business opportunities coming your way. Our mix of traditional and new approach to both the B2B & B2C segments has proven to be very successful.


With our experienced team and affiliated partners we can help you reach your full potential with your existing product portfolio, new products, contracting, marketing and sales, distribution, DMCs and online and offline activities.


WinGo is committed to destination development that is financially and environmentally sustainable and positive for the local community as well as for the tourists themselves. Our focus is to improve the quality of life for the local residents without compromising the future of the destination.

Nordic experts with a global approach

The travel industry is changing faster than ever with new companies launching innovative products rapidly gaining market share while many old companies are merging or simply disappearing due to the fact that they have not been able to adjust their business to the new market demands. While low cost airlines have played an important part in the way we today consume travel related products the most important thing is without a doubt the rapid development of new technology.     

Today, for example, 65% of all same day hotel reservations are made from a smartphone and that possibility did not even exist a few years ago, and with that in mind how will the global travel landscape look like 5 or 10 years from now? The one word that springs to mind immediately is different, probably very different. It is in this interesting space between new and old, modern and traditional, past and present as well as online and offline that WinGo are operating as a bridge of opportunity to combine the best of opposite worlds. With our affordable range of products and services we are mainly aiming at privately owned companies in need of help, support, advice and guidance in order to grow their business. We are confident that as a client you will benefit immediately from our cooperation, but our approach is always long-term. Don´t hesitate to Contact Us and let us start to grow your business together.


Flexibility solutions to suit your needs:

  • No fixed term agreement
  • Guaranteed results
  • Mix and match between our 4 different categories of services - BASIC, MEDIUM, LARGE & XL
  • Unbeatable prices quoted on your specific needs
  • System tools as add on
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We will represent you in the Nordic Region with a smorgasbord of services to choose from:

  • Your own website in all or selected Nordic languages

  • Social media updates in all or selected Scandinavian languages

  • Offline marketing & activities (Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Niche segments)

  • Online marketing (SEO, SEM, Social media targeted adds)

  • Targeted email marketing & newsletters in selected Nordic languages

  • System tools as add on


WinGo are offering a range of services to choose from depending on your need:

  • Business strategy (short & longterm)

  • Contracting of DMCs, airlines & accomodations

  • Pricing & Yield

  • Distribution

  • Sales & Marketing online & offline

  • System tools as add on


When it comes to destination development the main focus for us here at WinGo is sustainability:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Destination Marketing + Partnerships

  • Investment Promotion

  • Tourism Product & Business development

  • Training & Education


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